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This is a list of our Morgan Specific products that we have in stock or have produced in the past, for items out of stock if you are interested please get in touch by email or phone or through our CONTACTS page, we will be pleased to assist.
All Products are Made at our Factory in Bilston, England

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Category Product Code Description Sales Price Stock
Accessories K223 Morgan Rear Hub Stud For K476/K477 (K223) 7.25 0
Half-Shaft K145 MORGAN HALF SHAFT – 1965 SUPER SPORT 381.5 8
Hubs K211 Morgan Plus 8 LH Hub (Bolt-on) 78.25 0
Hubs K212 Morgan Plus 8 RH Hub (Bolt-on) 78.25 0
Hubs K476 Morgan RH Rear Hub Ref MRA 1850 123.50 0
Hubs K477 Morgan LH Rear Hub Ref MRA 1860 123.25 0
Hubs K496 Morgan 4/4 RH Front Hub 168.75 0
Hubs K497 Morgan 4/4 LH Front Hub 168.75 0
Hubs K498 Morgan 4/4 RH Rear Hub 168.75 8
Hubs K499 Morgan 4/4 LH Rear Hub 168.75 8
Hubs K946 MORGAN 4+4 EARLY TYPE RH REAR HUB 140.00 1
Hubs K947 MORGAN 4+4 EARLY TYPE LH REAR HUB 140.00 3
Hubs K1123 MORGAN SUPER SPORT, 4/4, +4 L/H FRT HUB 317.25 0
Hubs K1124 MORGAN SUPER SPORT, 4/4, +4 R/H FRT HUB 317.25 0
Hubs K1255 Morgan 6HA Axle  L/h RR Hub 266.25 2
Hubs K1256 Morgan 6 HA Axle R/h RR Hub 266.25 2
Spinners K087 Morgan Octagonal Spinner 8 TPI LH 57.75 0
Spinners K088 Morgan Octagonal Spinner 8 TPI RH 57.75 0
Spinners K236 Morgan 2 Eared RH 8TPI Spinner 57.75 0
Spinners K237 Morgan 2 Eared LH 8 TPI Spinner 57.75 0


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