Knock Off Spinners Gallery

Alfa Romeo Type 42 Spinner.
Complete with raised Alfa Romeo Script.
Also available in Type 52 for 2300 and 2600.

Alfa Romeo Spinner embossed Alfa logo, Alfa 8C, 6C, 2600, 2100, Type 42 Rudge spinner

Bentley Hexagonal Type 62 Spinner

Bentley Spinner Type 62 41/2 litre. 4.25 litre W O Bentley

Open Centre 3 Eared Type 52 spinner.
Used on racing XK and E-type Jaguar.

Open Centre E-type , XK 120, XK140, XK150 range of spinner. Type 42 and Type 52 available.

Bentley 4.5 Litre Open Centre Spinner. Finished in Chrome. Also available in Nitrotec Finish.


Bentley Open centre Type 62 W O Bentley spinner - 4.25 litre 4.5 litre

Delahaye and Delage Spinners Type 52.
Engraved with G and D marking.
Choice of marking available.

Delahaye, delage, hotchkiss spinners type 52.

Bugatti Type 42 size round spinner. Engraved with G and Droit. Choice of engraving available.

Bugatti Round spinner. Type13 , 22 ,57 ,67, 37

Bentley Type 72 octagonal spinner. Choice of finish available - nickel or chrome.

Type 72 Spinner Round Bentley

Special Bentley spinner produced to allow the use of type 52 wheels on the standard Bentley in place or the more regular type 62 or  72.


Bentley Type 52 spinner

Type 32 Amilcar spinner, produced with 2 ears on the instead of C spanner holes.

Delahaye or Delage type 62 open centre spinner.
Finished in chrome. Choice of engraving available.